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Clarks Telecommunication

  Class   Per Month
   Residential    $17.50
   Business    $27.50

Wire Maintenance Agreement
For customer convenience, Clarks offers a Wire Maintenance Agreement to all customers with a low monthly rate for both residential and business service. The Wire Maintenance Agreement covers all interior telephone wire up to and including the telephone jack.

Lifeline and Link-up
Lifeline and Link-Up are programs that help ensure everyone has access to telephone service. These programs provide discounts to income-eligible individuals for both the initial installation costs of telephone service and for monthly telephone bills. For a complete guide please review the following link www.lifelinesupport.org

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 Custom Calling Features

The following is a list of available Calling Features* from Clarks.

Additional Directory Number (SIRA)  $1.50/month
Allows as many as three numbers to be associated with a subscriber line. Each of the numbers will have their own distinctive ring.
Anonymous Call Rejection $1.50/month
Callers who have blocked their number from Caller ID will hear an announcement that anonymous calls are not accepted, and the caller should call back after removing the block. All other calls will ring through as usual.
Automatic Callback $1.50/month
Programs the phone to keep dialing a number (up to 30 minutes) without your assistance. The phone will ring as soon as the called line is free, and automatically connects when the receiver is lifted.
Automatic Recall $1.50/month
An unanswered call will be returned to the calling party by dialing a simple code.
Call Forwarding-All Variable $1.50/month
Forwards all incoming calls to a specified number.
Call Forwarding-Busy Line Variable $1.50/month
Forwards incoming calls to a specified number when the line is busy.
Call Forwarding-Don't Answer Variable $1.50/month
Forwards incoming calls to a specified number when they are not answered after 5-6 rings.
Call Waiting $1.50/month
When on the phone a short tone signals that another person is trying to call.
Caller ID-Name & Number $3.50/month
Displays and stores the name and number of the calling party on a Caller ID display unit, unless the identity of the calling party is private or is unavailable for display. (Parties subscribing to call waiting will need to purchase a Caller ID device that will display the 2nd caller's name and number.)
Distinctive Ringing $1.50/month
A special ring will announce calls from a list of selected callers. If call waiting also exists, a special call waiting tone will announce the call.  The list of special callers can include up to 6 numbers.
Selective Call Acceptance $1.50/month
The phone will accept only those calls from a selected list of 6 people. All other callers will hear an announcement that calls are not being accepting at this time.
Selective Call Forwarding $1.50/month
Calls from a selected list of 6 numbers will be forwarded to another number, such as a car phone. All others will ring at the usual phone.
Selective Call Rejection $1.50/month
Calls from any 6 numbers placed in the rejection list will not be accepted. Callers in this list will hear an announcement that calls will not be accepted at this time. All other calls will ring through as usual.
Speed Calling (30 number) $1.50/month
Frequently called numbers can be stored and dialed by depressing one or two digits, rather than the entire telephone number.
Three-Way Calling $1.50/month
A third party can be added to an existing call by depressing the switch hook, or using the "flash" button.
Toll Restriction with PIN $1.50/month
A specific code will move service from "Toll Restricted" (1+ dialing not allowed) to "Toll Allowed" on a per call basis.
Voice Mail $3.00/month
An automatic answering service which allows off-site access.  Click here for printable Voice Mail Instructions. 

* A one-time activation fee will be charged.

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