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The Power of a Landline Phone

COLERIDGE - Northeast Nebraska News Company summer intern Amber Baesler had the experience of her life Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

The University of Nebraska photo journalism major moved into Coleridge last week to begin a 10-week summer internship for the Coleridge Blade, Cedar County News, Laurel Advocate, Randolph Times, Wausa Gazette and Osmond Republican newspapers.

On Tuesday night she hunkered down in the tiny kitchen pantry of her one-bedroom Coleridge apartment as an EF2 tornado sailed over head. As soon as the light of day hit, she was on the street surveying the damage and capturing local residents' stories with her Cannon EOS 1D.

She ran across Gary Frerichs of Coleridge sifting through the rubble in his home and began talking to the life-long Coleridge resident. The conversation was soon interrupted when Baesler heard a strange noise - the sound of a landline telephone ringing. The phone, still intact and hanging on the wall, worked fine, and he was able to converse just fine with friends relatives and well-wishers.

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