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NNTV Video Tutorials
1. Introduction
Introduction to the tutorials of NNTV's video service.
2. What's On TV
Tutorial on using the guide to see what's on TV.
3. Using the On-Screen Program Guide
Taking a tour of the Program Guide.
4. Working with Favorites
Tutorial on creating up to 5 Favorites list.
5. Controlling Live TV
Learn how to watch a TV program from the very beginning or skip through a show.
6. Recording Programs and Reminders
Tutorial on recording your TV programs while your watching, the entire series, or for a later time.
7. Manage Your Recordings
Organize, store, play your recorded TV programs easily with this tutorial.
8. My Settings
Customize certain aspects of your service with the settings menu option.
9. Parental Controls
Set parental controls to lockout features you would like to restrict.
10. What's Hot App
Real-time information on popular TV programs being watched in your service area.
11. Recent Calls List on TV
Caller ID information from the recent calls list along with Caller ID settings.
12. Pay-Per-View
How to purchase a Pay-Per-View event.
13. Weather App
Get the weather on your TV.
14. Voicemail on TV
Access and play your voicemail from your TV.
15. ReStart TV
Certain programs on TV let you start the show over from the beginning with a touch of a button.
16. Closing
Thank you for using NNTV.

NNTC exists to provide reliable and efficient communication services for our customers.
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